Personal Addition #22 Suits

Season 4 of suits just uploaded to netflix. I am 8 episodes deep and am watching one as I type this. It is one of my favorite shows of all time. It is entertaining and a good watch. I was happy to see it come onto Netflix.


Personal addition #20 Champs

This year we are again Manitoba high school lacrosse champions!! We won 5-15 against Glenlawn. It was one of the best things to ever happen to me. It felt amazing. It meant more then last year because I was a senior. I contributed more to the team then last year. It was the best possible way to end my high school career. It was also amazing to win a championship with my younger brother.

Personal addition #19 Math

This year I took grade 11 IB pre cal. It is the same thing as grade 12 pre cal just with 30% less classes to learn the material. I went in not knowing how well I would do. In grade 11 pre cal I went into the exam with a 89 and came out with a 80. It didn’t go so well. This year I went in with a 93.7 and got 94 on the exam!! I finished with a 95 (if you beat your term mark Mr. JR drops your lowest test mark). I put in a lot of work into studying for the exam. I did 9 old practice exams. I needed to prove to my self that if I worked hard I could do great things.

Personal addition #18 The finals

This years NBA finals were thrilling. My favorite team ended up losing but hey it was entertaining. Despite losing Lebron James proved that he is the best player in the world. Maybe of all time. I believe that he is the best player to ever lace up basketball shoes. It would have been almost impossible to win against golden state with the cavs current line up. To many injured starters.